Updates To Tribal Enrollment Consent Needed

As we push towards Federal Recognition, it is important for all tribal citizens to update their enrollment records. Per Federal Acknowledgement Regulation, all tribal citizens 16 and up must consent (affirm their wish) to be an enrolled member of our tribe.

Our Enrollment Officer and Historic Legacy Administrative Assistant are reviewing tribal files to ensure compliance. If you or a family member was enrolled before the age of 16, please fill out the enclosed consent form (be sure to print clearly) and return in the self-addressed stamped envelope (if you received this notice via USPS) so that we may update your file.

If you are not sure of your tribal enrollment number it can be added by the enrollment clerk when the form is returned to the office. If you have deceased enrolled loved­-ones, please provide the enrollment office with a death certificate, obituary or other records related to your loved one. If you have moved or your status has changed, contact our office to update your information. Please be sure to update any information as soon as possible to remain actively enrolled.

For consent forms, to update your tribal enrollment file, or for more information contact:
Pamela Silver, Tribal Enrollment Officer 252-586-4017 ext 240
Tosha Silver, Historic Legacy Project Assistant 252-586-4017 ext 231

or you may download the Enrollment Consent Form here.