Tiny Miss Haliwa-Saponi - Raylee Richardson 2017-2018Tiny Miss Haliwa-Saponi - Raylee Richardson 2017-2018

Raylee Hope Richardson – Tiny Miss Haliwa-Saponi 2017-2018

Naha’pi Pi (Good Day)!  My name is Raylee Hope Richardson.  I am the 6-year old daughter of Ray and Consuela Richardson.  I’m a 1st grader at the Haliwa Saponi Tribal School.  I have enjoyed serving as the 2017-2018 Tiny Miss Haliwa Saponi Princess.  I’ve had the pleasure to represent my beautiful people at pow-wows, parades, conferences,  pageants and community events.  I really enjoyed travelling with my fellow princesses.  I would like to thank my family, Ms. Sunshine and the Princess Committee, and TEAM RAYLEE for all their support in making this such a memorable journey.