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Multipurpose Building Rendering Approved


TribalLibraryFront SmallThe Multipurpose Building, or The Library, as it is more commonly called is the location of many programs and events that provide educational, emotional, cultural, and social enrichment. We chose our theme for this mural in relation to the programs that are held within the library. This building houses the peoples’ tribal meeting, culture classes, our traditional arts programs, our youth programs, and our Youth Councils’ meetings. All the programs and events held here have had one common underlying theme and purpose, HEALING. Healing through culture, healing through art, and most importantly healing through conversation.

MPFinalRendering SmallThe many plants and prints displayed in our mural show this healing and what has or can come from the things that take place inside these walls. The many paw prints on the mural represent the characteristics we wish for all tribal citizens to have, in order to create this healing atmosphere, and the native plants are natural medicines that 

MPSculptFinal Small

our people have used to remedy the many physical ailments and illnesses that may affect them.


One wood sculpture shows a woman holding the three sisters – Corn, Beans, and Squash – which to this day remain staples of our diet. The other, holds the sacred herbs we use in various ceremonies to pray and cleanse the spirit.


















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 It is our hope that seeing this mural, upon entering this location, will encourage all of us to aspire to embody these characteristics, in the name of HEALING.


For more details on the tribe’s project, as well as other projects funded by the Z. Smith Reynolds Inclusive Public Art Initiative, please visit https://www.zsrinclusivepublicart.com/