Karen Lynch Harley – Council Secretary

Karen Lynch Harley is the daughter of Rev. Almorris & Nan Lynch. She was raised in Maryland after her parents moved to the Washington, DC area in search of job opportunities. Karen had constant contact with her Tribal community as she was raised attending every Powwow, numerous Homecomings and Tribal Meetings/Activities until she moved permanently back to her Tribal Community in 2006.

Since then Karen continued to be a very active member of the Community. She has volunteered at many events, served on the School Board, worked for the Tribal Center in areas of Health, Economic Development and Enrollment. Karen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science and in Fine Arts. She has also been a Self Employed Artist for over 25 years dedicating her work to promoting the Life Style & Culture of her people.

She has successfully written grants to start a walking trail for the Tribal Community and continues to strive to start other successful programs for the Community such as a Boys & Girls Club that will help enrich the children educationally, culturally, physically and mentally.

Karen’s father, Almorris Lynch was a former Council Member and her grandfather, Theodore Lynch was very active in Tribal affairs and was a Deacon of Mt. Bethel church in his lifetime. Karen is married to Phillip Harley of the Piscataway Tribe of Maryland. She is the mother of 2 children, and the grandmother of 5 grandchildren.