Tillman Lynch Volunteer of the Year Award 2019

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  • Tillman Lynch was the son of Jimmy Lynch and Mary M. Pryor. He was born before 1858 and was married to Angelina Mills on November 12, 1885.

    Tillman started the Secret Hill School, an all Indian School. He also founded the Essex Post Office in 1881 and served as Postmaster from 1881-1891. Mr. Lynch also named "Essex" Mr. Tillman Lynch was a Legal Advisor to the community. He was considered a Lawyer in many ways. He was a part-time teacher. Tillman was also a Gold Miner


     Volunteered for tribal activities and programs

     Showed commitment and dedication, without financial rewards, towards the goals and objectives of the tribe

     Encouraged others to volunteer with tribal projects

     Motivated businesses to contribute to the well-being of the tribe

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